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Business Modelling and innovation

Scenario Consulting


Increasing globalisation is raising customer expectations and forcing evolution of products and services. Evolving trends and insights into markets of the future are therefore important. Based on proprietary design research techniques like BEST and Intentiability, Onio reads the future and builds product, service, brand & market scenarios. With its design thinking, creative visualisation and insightful analysis, Onio creates the strategic future roadmap for its clients.


Innovation Strategy Consulting


Bringing an innovative idea to life needs structured design thinking. Onio believes in tying innovation strategy to brand and product semantics to create strategic product development roadmaps. This helps clients stay ahead of competition. Onio designs the thinking framework based on which an idea is incubated to become a tangible product.


Business Modelling


With increasing globalisation & ICT convergence the very nature of products and services is fast evolving. Products are being delivered as services and services themselves are being delivered not just physically but also over the internet and mobile phones. Add to that fast-changing consumer needs, aspirations and rising brand clutter. Creating winning products & services is only half the battle won. They must be complemented by a robust & scalable business model which provides a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term. With experience of designing game-changing products and mining consumer minds for insights, Onio uses its unique set of capabilities to deliver scalable and sustainable business models.


Service Design


Emerging global consumption patterns demonstrate that lines between products and services are fast blurring. Onio helps you design innovative services that deliver new products, services, brands and experiences to customers. Onio designs services which ease the business task flow, generate new efficiencies and offer new revenue opportunities. Onio also helps convert existing products into services which radically alter business models and help create market-leading offerings.



Brand Strategy

Corporate branding


Businesses are dynamic and forever being affected by changing economic realities. It is thus critical that the brand also must keep pace with change along with the business. Onio transforms corporate brands by thorough positioning research based on its proprietary PICCCI method. Onio works in designing and launching new brands, interpreting same brands in a fresher light and building the requisite brand architectures.


Brand Architecture


Brand Architecture assumes significance when managing a family of brands. Should the company manage a family of brands? Should the business have a single, unified brand across all its products & services? Should a product with premium & economy variants use the same brand? Should a product brand be extended into a service brand and vice versa? The answer lies in building solid brand architecture. Onio deploys research-driven brand strategy models which make your company’s brand architecture manageable, scalable and future-ready.


Brand Rejuvenation


Over time, corporate brands encounter saturation & the phenomenon of diminishing returns kicks in. Brand fatigue isn't a healthy sign for corporate brands and this calls for Brand Rejuvenation. Onio transforms corporate brands by thorough positioning research based on its proprietary PICCCI method. Onio works in launching new brands, doing brand revamps, brand integration, changing brand architecture and rationalising the brand portfolio.


Design Thinking workshops

Design Sensitisation


In an age where products, services and brands rapidly turn into commodities, the only way to survive is to differentiate via design. Design sensitisation helps you create better products & services using design best practices. With rich experience of working on diverse product & service innovations and exposure to all types of companies – from start-ups, SMEs to MNCs, Onio guides and mentors you to excellence via design.


Innovation Management


In a globalised economy, innovation is a mindset everyone must live by in order to succeed. Creative thinking is increasingly becoming a key management development objective whether a company is a start-up, an SME or a large corporation. Onio partners with companies to infuse design-driven innovation mindset in the organisation. With customised workshops, creativity clinics & executive classes, Onio successfully blends innovation with business management to embed your company with competitive edge.


Insight India


Onio organises Insight India workshops every few years to explore, explain and evaluate emerging socio-cultural trends and their implications on various industry segments. Whilst we discuss both global and Indian trends, the intent is to bring refreshing clarity on how emerging global trends are shaping the emerging Indian consumers’ preferences for various products, services, brands and experiences.




Co-creation puts creative power in the hands of consumers and thereby helps create visuals for market-leading products. 'Co-creation' means creating WITH the consumers rather than imposing a product on them. Onio devises market and country specific visual tools to engage the consumers and elicit better responses from them. Onio works with its extended network of design teams across India and the world to facilitate these multi-cultural workshops.

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