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Product Design 

New Product Development


With fast changing customer preferences, product lifecycles are rapidly shrinking. New products are being introduced faster than before. Multiple products in a single range and many variants of a single product is therefore a reality today. From product concept, idea visualisation, design & trend research, design & engineering to prototyping, piloting all the way to manufacturability, Onio works across the spectrum to deliver winning products. Better looking, well-designed products built with the user in mind with innovative features is a given. Importantly, Onio brings expertise in not only creating new products – with a fresh perspective - the emphasis is now on new category creation.

Product Upgrade

Technology is constantly reducing market entry barriers. With improving lifestyle and more disposable income, market size keeps growing each year. Products need to be upgraded and re-launched more frequently than ever before. At times, the product must be targeted from generic to specific user groups. Same product may exist in premium as well as economy versions. With more technology being present across products today, users are becoming interactive.

Onio collaborates with clients to create and test new technology applications, materials and concepts to build next-generation products. Onio helps develop intuitive user interfaces for complex technology products. Onio also offers services in value engineering because right pricing is critical to succeeding in today’s competitive markets. Onio also up scales / down scales product features to maintain the relevant price-value equations.

Product styling

Product styling is critical in winning customer appeal and approval (and subsequently, market share). Often, winning products are designed distinctly and are easily differentiated from the competition. Style preference itself is a function of a users’ environment, cultural connotations, social mega trends, and of course depends upon the form factor of the product. Onio brings on board its specialist visualisation team to visually interpret the results of trend analyses.

Onio helps determine the right colour, materials, finish for your product and brings awareness about international styling. Apart from providing material optimisation strategies, Onio offers its expertise in brand semantics to ensure consistency over product range.


Design Engineering

Design Engineering is the process of transforming the conceptual design into a workable & manufacture-able product. It is a continuous process right from ideation and concepting all the way up to prototyping and manufacturing.

Onio’s dedicated Design Engineering team ensures that there is no translational loss from the ideation & conceptualisation stage to the manufacturing stage. Onio’s disciplined processes ensure that the product intent is kept intact throughout and the grander product vision is captured and realised to the best possible levels in the final product.



OnioMax uses design thinking to create user-centred prototypes to establish the veracity of a design. OnioMax creates prototypes which greatly improve the design, prevent errors and incorrect assumptions. This helps in “failing early and saving costs later”. OnioMax also offers rapid prototyping services which help companies achieve faster time-to-market.


Piloting or test market lots are the bridge between designing and full scale manufacturing. Piloting is thus critical to a manufacturer. Onio is capable of delivering production lots for test marketing using soft moulds and rapid production techniques. With experience that spans more than a decade and strong and wide-ranging tie-ups with fabricators, suppliers and manufacturers, Onio ensures that product designs become flawless and defect-free even as full-scale production begins.


Packaging Design

User Research

Packaging is the first ‘look & feel’ touch point for a consumer. Great packaging encourages engagement & builds enduring brands. Onio conducts user research to understand user interaction with the product packaging. Using parallel trends from other sectors, Onio mines deeper into the user psyche to create packaging ideas that inspire, excite and elevate brand experience.


Structural design

The structural design of a packaging often goes closely in hand with the form factor of the product that will go inside it. Onio’s vast experience of designing products from the simple to very complex makes it a rarity in being able to accurately gauge the kind of packaging required for a wide range of products. Onio takes packaging as seriously as the product itself and delivers packaging which is durable, economical to manufacture and safeguards the product that it will hold.


Material Innovation


Varying product categories often demand different packaging materials. Packaging materials themselves have undergone tremendous change over the years. Onio closely studies the product – to use the right packaging material which not only protects the product but also is amenable to innovative design and packaging graphics. With rising consciousness about being environmentally responsible, Onio lays special emphasis on using recyclable, environment-friendly materials.


Graphic Design

With rising brand clutter and fickle attention spans of consumers, graphic design must not only attract attention but also arrest and extend it all the way up to purchase decision. Onio lays special emphasis on designing packaging graphics that not only convey vital product information but also lead to engagement leading to actual purchase.


Interaction Design

User Research


Successful products are built keeping the user at the heart of the design. With more products now becoming technologically advanced, user interface or, the area where human-machine intervention takes place, becomes critical. A badly-designed User Interface often spells doom even for good products. Using time-tested, proprietary models to capture finer nuances of user interaction, Onio conducts user research which leads to thoughtful and better-designed user interfaces.

Taskflow Analytics


It is finally a well-defined process in which user-product interaction happens. To create intuitive, simple and easy-to-understand UI, it’s important to study this process or user task flow. This helps companies closely observe critical interaction points and confusion interaction areas. Onio has evolved proprietary models to map and analyse the user task flow.

UI Design


Users like products which have easy-to-follow, intuitive interfaces. With vast experience of designing User Interfaces for websites, online products, electronic products, computer-based training and simulations among others, Onio understands precise client requirements. Based on understanding the end-user deeply, his product interaction and usage task-flow, Onio creates User Interfaces which deliver great user experience.

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