Video of the award-winning Hospital Bed Design, by Onio 

New Animation Video is avaiable for the Award Winning Hospital Bed Design

The video is prepared to provide insights of innovations embedded in the new design.
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Recent Products from Onio Design under Technology Innovation Portfolio  

Soon after the Award Winning Hospital Bed Design, it was turn for the launch of products for DRDO. With the collaboration with DRDO & Electronics Industry, Onio Design has developed a series of products under Onio’s Technology Application and Productization Initiative.
The products were launched and demonstrated to the focussed audience at the recent Symposium on ‘Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles’ at DRDO Labs, Pune (7 & 8 Nov, 2008).

For pictures and information Onio Technology Innovation: Recent Products

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Insight India 2008 | Consumers will brand themselves - Roundtable update  

Consumers will be brands, that try to promote themselves in their target groups i.e. people around them. Companies should facilitate this process rather then forcing own brand imagery on the consumers in the coming time. This was the mega direction that emerged in the two day roundtable ‘Insight India 2008’, organized by Onio Design Pvt. Ltd. In collaboration with Style Vision of France.

The beautiful bank of Powai lake and the stimulating campus of Indian Institute of technology provided the perfect backdrop as marketing and design honchos across the industries like LG, Nokia, Asian Paints, HCL, Ruby Mills (textiles), Ganjam (Jewellery), Titan Industries along with professors and students of Industrial Design Center (IIT) and WeSchool sat together and discussed the upcoming social trends for 2009-2010 for India.

Manoj Kothari, the Director and Principal Strategist at Onio Design and Ms. Genevieve Flaven, MD of Style Vision, together presented the six key trends for 2009-2010 for India. Maxself was voted as the strongest trend followed by AtEthics and Vworld. Two years back Twin World was voted as the strongest trend by the participants of Insight India 2006, which refers to ‘mixing the genres for creating a new experience’.

Onio Design presented the new way of consumer segmentation for Indian market that combines the personality and SEC based segmentation and yet accounts for ‘root-connect’. Manoj Kothari elaborated on how western methods of consumer segmentation are good for a homogeneous society while diversified and evolving society like India needs a different yardstick.

Ms. Revathi Kant, head of design for Titan Industries elaborated on Titan’s approach to women buyers in India and how Titan created the Raga range for this segment. Titan is the first brand in the World to create an exclusive range for women like this, which has done very well in the market.

Mr. Pradeep Lokhande, MD of Rural Relations portrayed the picture of evolving consumers in Rural India where ‘men’s face cream’ is also in demand already. He was emphatic in saying how the ‘community wisdom’ rules supreme in purchase patterns in rural India. He also elaborated on how television and village haat (weekly market) are two most effective promotion channels in Rural India.

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah the head of Industrial Design Center (IIT) spoke on the essence of Indian Design. He noticed that how ‘content’ takes precedence over the ‘form’ in the minds of Indian consumers. Through highly visual presentation he also touched upon how young designers are working on ‘collaborative design’ in India.

On the second day, two experts from industries as diverse as Animation (Chetan Deshmukh-MD- Toon Box) and Fashion garments (Amit Sinha- Creative Director-Alok Industries) were engaged in a panel discussion with Ms. Genevieve Flaven. It was interesting to hear that Indian fashion industry usually follows three seasons. Winter season is literally ‘Festive Wear’ unlike the West where ‘Winter Forecasts’ are usually dark and subdued colors. Summer is long in India so 'Pre-summer' and 'Post-Summer', two collections are planned. Amit also mentioned an important cue on current luxury trends in Indian fashion industry- Luxury is about manual value-addition i.e. a touch of traditional craft.

In the workshop on the second day, it was interesting to see the trends and the consumer segments being put to use. The brief was to create a new product or experience combining inputs from different industries for the pre-decided consumer segment and trend. Four cross-industry groups worked on future products/services with given segment and projected the selected trend on it.
Manoj speaks at Design Conclave 2008 on Making India a Desgn Hub 

Manoj spoke at Design Conclave 2008 on 'Making India a Design Hub' on 25th Sept.2008. Manoj elaborated on how design in India needs to touch the 'Sensing paradigm' for churning world brands from India. Other people on stage who spoke included Hari Nair (head of Whirlpool golbal design), Ravi Chattpar (Frog Design Shanghai), MD of Hafele India and Abhimanyu Kulkarni, the head of Philips Design India.

Press Release in Insight India 2008 | A two day roundtable on Trends and Design Strategy for India organised by Onio | 4th and 5th Nov 2008 | Mumbai 
" Social Trends and Cultural Insights are becoming the key to innovation today, especially in the emerging markets like India. This roundtable aims at elaborating on Trends for 2009-2010, consumer segmentation strategies, user-insights and application of these in innovation process "

A leading Design Company of India, Onio Design and their partner for trend research, Style-Vision from France, are organizing a two day roundtable on trends and design strategy for India. After three successive years, Mumbai (2005), London (2006), and Copenhagen(2007) it's Mumbai again for ‘Insight India 2008’.

As the global focus shifts to the Indian market, there is a curiosity to understand Indian consumer insights and trends that go beyond statistics. This unique two day event targets Indian and International companies interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the market and its consumers, from a 'Trends to Design Strategy’ perspective.

The event will be held at the intellectually stimulating campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, on the banks of beautiful Powai and Vihar lakes. An array of speakers and Indian business leaders would surely provide for a great networking platform as well! The speakers include Pradeep Lokhande - MD- Rural Relations, Revathi Kant- Head of Design, Titan Watches, Bora Kim- Design Strategist from Korea, Harilein Sabharwal- Fashion Trend Researcher and Prof Ravi Poovaiah - HOD- IDC. The key facilitators are Genevieve Flaven, MD- Style Vision from France and Manoj Kothari- Founder Director and Principal Strategist at Onio Design.

Style-Vision is a Nice (France) based Trend Research and Future Intelligence company with clients like Sony, Motorola, LVMH, Toyota, Estee Lauder, Burberry, Chanel to name a few.

“Increasingly, trends thinking is finding its use in deciding future strategy of businesses and developing new products and interactions in hitherto untouched sectors like banking” says Genevieve Flaven, the managing director of Style Vision.

Manoj Kothari, managing director of Onio Design, who is also an IITian with a second degree in industrial design from National Institute of Design, feels that trends thinking in Fashion Design is not new to India, but with market and consumers in India maturing at such a rapid pace, “insights” into lifestyle is the single biggest lever for innovation and market change. Industries are slowly realizing this transition and are willing to adopt these new methods of design research leading to ‘strategic innovation’. Housing, FMCG, retail, automobiles, accessories and hospitality sectors are all now looking for trends specific to India, which will be the 3rd largest economy by 2050.

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One of the top design companies in India, Onio Design provides Strategic Design and Innovation Consulting services to make the product and brands more contextual, refreshing and future ready for the Indian market.

Onio has a full-fledged Design Research division with strategists, anthropologists and management experts. Onio follows a proprietary Design Research methodology “Intentiability”, tailored for India, to sense need gaps, unearth hidden opportunities and create winning products and brands.

On the technology and innovation front, Onio realizes the research outcome as product vision, through rigorous cycle of conceptual design, industrial design, technology application and prototyping.

Onio was founded by alumni of IIT Mumbai and NID in 1997. Today, Onio is a full-service design company working with clients like Volkswagen, Samsung, Microsoft, Titan, DRDO, HPCL and many start-ups across the world.

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