Press Release from Onio on Design Brilliance Award 2008- Hospital/ICU Bed Design 
Although India is cruising ahead as an upcoming healthcare destination, the infrastructure within hospitals is lagging way behind the promise of good medical treatment. The current patient beds in the market are usually clunky metallic contraptions on one side and super costly imported motorized bed on the other. There is a clear need for a good-designed product at a good price for the expanding healthcare scene in India.

The project was initiated by our client Godrej Interio, a furniture manufacturing unit of Godrej Group, set to enter the hospital furniture market. The first challenge in the Hospital Furniture domain is the ICU patient-room furniture.

Prakash Khanzode, director of technology and innovation at Onio, and the design research team spent two months in 15 hospitals around the country, examining beds and talking to over 100 doctors and patients before coming back to the drawing board to design the bed. The result is an ergonomic bed with affordable price for average hospitals.

“Onio believes that any innovation today, needs to be built upon the careful study of four things - Market Dynamics, deep User Insights, evolving Social trends and Technology (MUST). This award for the hospital bed design strengthens the power of Onio’s design methodology” says Manoj Kothari, the Principal Strategist and Founder director of Onio.

Important features:

The final output has been suitably designed keeping in mind the Indian Ergonomic parameters for patients, doctors and hospital staff, along with keeping to the European Standards of Safety and Performance. The mechanism has been simplified, and uses less metal, for easy adjustments of height, tilt, back support and leg rest postures. It has also been optimized with a new easy-swing-type side support for quick and easy setting. The bed encompasses a comprehensive system which provides for holding arrangements of IV fluid infusion, Infusion pumps, Oxygen cylinder, Urine bags, food tray, call bell, record holders etc. The high grade lockable castors provide smooth mobility, with noiseless and jerk-less transportation of patients. The above mentioned features in combination with aesthetically pleasing colors, that reduce ‘hospital stress’, designed with the current possible manufacturing facilities, promises Indian hospitals well-designed furniture at an affordable price.


One of the top design companies in India, Onio Design provides Strategic Design and Innovation Consulting services to make the product and brands more contextual, refreshing and future ready for the Indian market.

Onio has a full-fledged Design Research division with strategists, anthropologists and management experts. Onio follows a proprietary Design Research methodology “Intentiability”, tailored for India, to sense need gaps, unearth hidden opportunities and create winning products and brands.

On the technology and innovation front, Onio implements the strategic vision, through rigorous cycle of conceptual design, industrial design, technology application and prototyping.

Onio was founded by alumni of IIT Mumbai and NID in 1997. Today, Onio is a full-service design company working with clients like Volkswagen, Samsung, Microsoft, Titan, DRDO, HPCL and several start-ups across the World.

Onio gets the Future-Group, BW NID Design Brilliance Award  
Onio has won the design award in Furniture Category, for Design of an Ergonomic and Modern Patient Bed.

Award ceremony was held in Delhi on 9th August 2008 at Taj Mahal hotel. Awards were given away by Chairman Planning Commission of India- Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia in presence of Mr. PRS. Oberoi.

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Pune-based onio design has designed a minimalist yet ergonomic hospital bed, called Veta Bed for Godrej Interio. This new bed is designed out of a combination of plastic on the top and steel at the bottom. The patient’s skin would not feel any iron while resting on the bed.

Prakash Khanzode, director of technology and innovation at Onio, and his team spent two months in 15 hospitals around the country, examining beds and talking to over 100 doctors and patients before coming back to the drawing board to design the bed. The result is an ergonomic bed with flexibility so that it can be positioned for every kind of orthopaedic treatment and sleeping postures.

Khanzode and his partner Manoj Kothari focus a great deal on the contextual aspect of design. According to Kothari, design begins with knowing the market, the user, the society and the technology available.

The firm that started with one PC in a garage a decade ago has now grown into a full-service design outfit. Onio gained another partner recently, Anil Chouhan, who has a decade of experience in the US. He gives the firm the global connection that is now a pre-requisite for firm branding and international business. The rest, as they say, is a grand design of destiny.

Design Research and Innovation Direction 
Onio's Design Research and Strategic Innovation team has been working on a mega research assignment for a world brand in consumer durables across Indian continent.

5 months of work with 6 people team working intensively on defining new design directions for 7 categories of consumer durables for 2011 for Indian market. … report contains more than 1500 pages of visual data ranging across market statistics, social trends, technology trends, colour trends, material trends, user interviews, dealer interviews, architects and stylists interviews, analysis and concept directions.

Innovation 1-on-1
Tim Leberecht and Adam Richardson both work for frog design, a consulting firm specialized in designing innovative products and services for Fortune 500 clients. They reach out to innovation thought leaders, on thier thoughts with these interviews. First interview in the series is with Manoj Kothari, founder and managing director of Onio.

How do you define "innovation"?
It is as basic as food, clothing, and shelter in the broadest sense.

What was your most successful innovation, and how did you find it?

For a person whose profession is innovation, it is hard to point out one idea that "would change life." Every idea has its own destiny.

What is the best idea you've ever had and haven't yet executed?

To make a film on Siddhartha -- by Herman Hesse.

Which design "failure" did you learn the most from, and why?

Simple lessons on prototyping: We took some calculations for granted and prepared the whole pilot lot of metal stands to hold 20 liter water bottles. In front of the client the 100 stands gave way...

What lessons can you pass on to others from how your organization has changed to make itself more innovation-driven?

1. Never begin before sensing enough.

2. Do not judge an idea instantly. Hold it in your mind for some time.

3. Do not work only on one idea. Create a 'family' and the 'succession plan' before launching the work.

4. Never undermine the insights that may come through prototyping.

5. Detailing at the early stages is key to smooth implementation.

6. Unless the top team agrees, innovation is a headless chicken.

In your opinion, what are the biggest barriers and challenges that stand in the way of organizations becoming more innovative?

Unlimited vision is only with limited people.

Beyond your organization, who do you admire for risk-taking innovation, and what do you think makes them successful?

Vision, driven by guts and gut-feel. There are several small and big time people around.

What innovation are you still waiting for?

I wish cars could fly and reduce the traffic on the ground (especially in the context of India).

Pune Design Festival 2007 

An event initiated by Onio last year, took the first step towards blossoming into a great design extravganza this year. Nov. 19th to 23rd 2007, several design dignitaries descended in Pune and felt the throbbing innovation culture with design fraternity. Onio Design had taken up the entire communication design and branding work for this festival this year, including logo design (Conceptualised by Prakash Khanzode), print material and outdoor publicity banners.
Manoj Kothari moderated the conference session on Trends and Design Research.

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