Brand re-positioning and messaging for Talentica - a technology company 
Talentica is a Pune based software product development services company with global clientele. Onio's task was to figure out the essential strengths and dfferentiators for Talentica to provide a stable positioning in the overly cluttered technology market place.

Our tool of choice was corporate ethnography that got us talking at length with key employees, key customers and the management. As we put 'design thinking' to use on Brand Strategy- we believe that brands are built 'INSIDE-OUT' the long term, a brand can only stand on the core of its internal values.

Here is the final output-

Co-creation workshops for Innovation for Emerging (BoP) Consumers 
One of the latest tools in the hand of innovation savvy organisations and design companies is 'Co-creation'- means creating WITH consumer, rather than imposing a product on them. Onio recently concluded co-creation workshops across India and Indonesia for a large consumer durable manufacturer, for a product for emerging (Bottom of Pyramid) market. This workshop came right after a detailed ethnographic research across 6 cities/towns of India and Indonesia (Innovation for Emerging Market) with several shop, home and dealer visits.

Onio devised country specific visual tools to engage the consumers and elicit better responses from them. Onio worked with its extended network of design teams in Jakarta and other Indian cities along with the core team, for facilitation of these multi-cultural workshop.

With this, Onio underlines its committment towards trend-setting innovation methodologies and focus on innovation for emerging markets that are becoming relevant for the world.
CNBC- Young Turks - Game Changers - Profiles Manoj Kothari and Onio Design 
Leading business TV channel of India, CNBC TV 18 profiled Manoj and Onio in their show called Young Turks - Game Changers. Here is the link- ... amp;part=2

Weekend biking by Onio team 

Long weekend of Holi (28th Feb 2010) saw 9 of the Onio team members zoom off to Konkan coast on bikes. Beatrix, our latest team member from Germany joined them on her maiden Indian road trip.
Onio is one of the few companies using 'Bodystorming' research method for innovation insights- Economic Times - 23rd Feb 2010 
Research led design methodology practised by Onio has many a tools at disposal to understand the real needs of the users. One of them is 'Bodystorming'. As the market becomes highly competitive and conventional market-research does not provide enough clues for innovation directions, newer methods like ethanography, bodystorming, fly-on-the-wall etc are being practised by leading innovation companies. Onio is one of them. Here is the article published in Economic Times, the leading business newspaper - ... 605390.cms

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