OnioNxt conducts the Color Research for Mobile Phones for 2010 for a World major 
What is the color of mobile phone Indian consumers would buy next? Does everyone in India wants bright colors? Is black still the safes choice for phones? When cameras and laptops are available in whole range of colors, would mobiles do something different? What is the effect of recession on color choices in India?...the list is long.

Onio was engaged in a four month long Color Research for a multinational phone & consumer durable company. Goal was to prepare the Color-Material-Finish (CMF) strategy for the mobile phones in India for 2010. Onio tried to answer all the questions above and many more through Onio’s methodology for CMF research that consists of 5 components namely a) Trends in Competition & mobile market b) Trends in the allied industries like accessories, auto-design, fashion etc. c) Technology/pigment/finishing industry trends d) Social Mega-trends e) Consumer Segmentation and Ethnographic Research.

Onio brings out social mega-trends for India every year during Insight India workshops. For the Ethnographic studies, Onio interviewed a mix of potential consumers across segments, dealers, experts (i.e. fashion designers, architects), housewives, students and technologists to synthesize a segment wise CMF projections for the mobile phones. One of the definitive trend for 2010 is CMF arising out of traditional palette of India (i.e. colors of our traditional dyes, motifs derived from regional art traditions) apart from a small mix of color inspiration from the theme of ‘techno-glitz’. Onio senses that the days of ‘reds’ and ‘pinks’ are over for consumers in India other than the people with higher ‘root connect’ and lower income. It is time for ‘Greens’ to resurrect and beyond fluorescence, earthy and leaf tones. It is time to create a sense of nostalgia and comforting possessiveness for the colors in 2010.

Varadarajan joins Onio as Head of Design Engineering and Product Realisation 

Mr. S. Varadrajan has joined Onio as Head of Engineering and Design Realization from 15th May 09. Varadarajan, brings with him two decades of experience in senior positions in the auto-industry. He has spent a considerable time of his career at Eicher Group (Eicher Tractors, Delhi, Bhopal & Alwar ) in Manufacturing Systems & Engineering and handling New Product Introduction. His brief stint at Force Motors, Pune, saw him implementing new model of three-wheelers. Varadarajan, used his engineering and team handling capabilities in handling large projects for General Motors in the later part of his career, before joining Onio.

With this mammoth background, Varadarajan’s presence at Onio has underlines Onio’s Design Engineering & Prototyping capabilities for large and complex New Product Development projects. He would work in close co-ordination with Industrial Design and styling team headed by Mr. Prakash Khanzode.

Mr. Manoj Kothari, the Founder Director and Principal Strategist at Onio, added “Indian industry has always been voicing their concerns of ‘Manufacturability of Design’ beyond glossy computer renderings. Varada’s (his nick name) addition to the team would help us not only smoothen those issues, but even create benchmarks for the Indian design industry”.

As Onio marches ahead with Product Design and Innovation agenda in India, we wish him a great inning at Onio!!

Varadarajan, lives in Pune with his wife Sujata and two kids. Suajata, a PhD scholar, currently runs a Science Center for kids, in collaboration with IUCAA.

Onio features on CNBC Awaz 
Onio Design is one of the 7 finalists and winners (out of more than 2000 contestants/businesses across India) of "Chota Business, Bade Sapne" business plan contest organised by Future group and CNBC-Tv18.

Here is a small video clip featuring Onio & Manoj Kothari on CNBC Awaz (Hindi Channel of CNBC)-

Prakash Khanzode elected for ADI 
Co-founder and Director-Technology & Innovation at Onio, Mr. Prakash Khanzode has been elected for ADI (Association for Design in India) as a part of seven member pan-India team.
Onio renews its focuses on Product Design and Innovation 
When Onio started its journey in 1997, Product Design was a far cry for Indian industry. During the dotcom times, a separate division was created to serve digital branding needs of the times that were. There were always internal discussions on being positioned as 'Integrated Design Services' positioning versus, 'Product Design and Innovation Consulting' focus only. Looking at the lead Onio has taken in Design Research and Future Consulting through newly created division OnioNxt and using our traditional strength in Industrial Design/Product Design, Onio announces its renewed focus on the core areas.

OnioNxt is working with consumer insight led product companies like Volkswagen, Samsung, Microsoft, Titan etc. to help them create direction and concepts for future. While OnioMax, is working with MSMEs in India and abroad to provide a time-tested product design and development service. Strong engineering capability is a hallmark of Onio; something that is usually missing in Indian design service companies.

As a part of expansion Onio has also decided to work in tandem with organisations and individuals who are promoting the individual inventor entrepreneurs. India is bubbling with grassroot innovations and with a little help from companies like Onio, country can really go far in creating an innovative ecosystem; we believe.

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