Onio features on CNBC Awaz 
Onio Design is one of the 7 finalists and winners (out of more than 2000 contestants/businesses across India) of "Chota Business, Bade Sapne" business plan contest organised by Future group and CNBC-Tv18.

Here is a small video clip featuring Onio & Manoj Kothari on CNBC Awaz (Hindi Channel of CNBC)-

Prakash Khanzode elected for ADI 
Co-founder and Director-Technology & Innovation at Onio, Mr. Prakash Khanzode has been elected for ADI (Association for Design in India) as a part of seven member pan-India team.
Onio renews its focuses on Product Design and Innovation 
When Onio started its journey in 1997, Product Design was a far cry for Indian industry. During the dotcom times, a separate division was created to serve digital branding needs of the times that were. There were always internal discussions on being positioned as 'Integrated Design Services' positioning versus, 'Product Design and Innovation Consulting' focus only. Looking at the lead Onio has taken in Design Research and Future Consulting through newly created division OnioNxt and using our traditional strength in Industrial Design/Product Design, Onio announces its renewed focus on the core areas.

OnioNxt is working with consumer insight led product companies like Volkswagen, Samsung, Microsoft, Titan etc. to help them create direction and concepts for future. While OnioMax, is working with MSMEs in India and abroad to provide a time-tested product design and development service. Strong engineering capability is a hallmark of Onio; something that is usually missing in Indian design service companies.

As a part of expansion Onio has also decided to work in tandem with organisations and individuals who are promoting the individual inventor entrepreneurs. India is bubbling with grassroot innovations and with a little help from companies like Onio, country can really go far in creating an innovative ecosystem; we believe.
Making the innovators, investor ready: Virtual prototyping service for innovators from OnioViz 
Over the years, Onio has intereacted with hundreds of individual innovators and inventors who are either in early stages of their idea development or have secured a patent but now looking for an investor or manufacturer. But they lack the capability to make the 20 sec pitch presentation pitch which the investors understand.

Onio has create a new division, OnioViz, dedicated to this servie. OnioViz helps innovators and start-up companies in first conceptual visualization of their product ideas for investor/manufacturer/buyer presentations. Many times referred as ‘Virtual Prototyping’, this process saves errors in judgment of usability and potential of ideas, before the huge investments are made in physical prototyping and manufacturing.

OnioViz team has experience of working with overseas and Indian clients for over hundred such assignments in the last one year.

Being a part of a ‘design company’ OnioViz naturally becomes sensitive to User Needs and Productisation implications which become the key approval criterions in the development process of an innovation.

Onio in Press- DNA- Pune- 11th Feb 2009 ... =2/11/2009

From Onio, mobile platform for defence

Nilanjana Ghosh Choudhury. Pune

Operating guns, fixing technical applications and carrying out an unmanned reccé can now be done without being at the spot.
City-based Onio Design, in collaboration with the Defence and Research Development Organisation (DRDO), has developed a unique mobile robotic platform that can carry out the jobs up to 500 m through a control device.
The product is called the Robostation and has been developed under Onio's technology applications and product development initiative. The device was first launched and demonstrated to a focused audience during a symposium on robotics and autonomous vehicles in Pune last November.
"We developed this mobile robotic device through a technology collaboration with Research and Development Establishment (Engineers) at Dighi. The mobile platform can carry up to 40 kg and can be controlled from a distance of 500 m. It uses a specially designed controlled equipment," said Onio Design founder Prakash Khanzode. "The controlling device is ministered through a backpack which has the computers and other monitoring devices in it," he said.
Some applications which can use this mobile platform are pick-and-place operations, as a disrupter unit, carrying out reccé and operating guns.

"We are developing unmanned vehicle projects. This device helps us in validating the software required for operating unmanned vehicles on a smaller platform," said senior scientist at the R&DE laboratory Alok Mukherjee.

The device is currently been used at the DRDO laboratory for in-house applications.
"We have developed three prototypes of the robotic station.
They have been been delivered to DRDO. Our company has also designed an exo-skeleton extra armour worn by soldiers to increase their load-carrying capacity in specific
terrains," said director of Onio Design Manoj Kothari.
Onio is also looking at commercial manufacturing of the device. "We will produce this on a much larger scale through our network of vendors at the MIDC Bhosari area after
we complete our delivery to the defence," Khanzode said.
Mukherjee said robostation is a pioneering product. Earlier, such devices were imported. The device can be used to teach robotics.
Onio has also designed and developed a
multi-terrain robot ladder for the DRDO labs.

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