Onio is one of the few companies using 'Bodystorming' research method for innovation insights- Economic Times - 23rd Feb 2010 
Research led design methodology practised by Onio has many a tools at disposal to understand the real needs of the users. One of them is 'Bodystorming'. As the market becomes highly competitive and conventional market-research does not provide enough clues for innovation directions, newer methods like ethanography, bodystorming, fly-on-the-wall etc are being practised by leading innovation companies. Onio is one of them. Here is the article published in Economic Times, the leading business newspaper - ... 605390.cms

Another game changer product from Onio- Home Inverter gets a new meaning - Tribal Italia 
Onio's strength in 'new category creation' and creating product that change the contours of the existing market, came to the fore with Tribal Italia Home Inverter (Emergency Power Supply).

This product is a need of every home in emerging countries, where electricity supply is infrequent. It is usually a unfriendly electrical gadget stored away from living room. Onio's design research showed that it lacks the looks and utility to treat it like a 'consumer durable' i.e. if it is a power supply then why extra power sockets are not provided on it?

Amara Raja, the business group that makes the famous Amaron brand of batteries, has launched this as a flagship product of the new consumer brand they unveiled - TRIBAL.

Corporate brand integration and re-branding through a cross-continent ethnographic research for SECURE 
Entity Group is a $ 200 million global business house, based in India with offices in UK, Sweden, Australia and UAE, focused on Energy Monitoring Systems and Solutions.

Onio helped them integrate the several local brands which they had acquired in Europe and Australia and create a single global brand - 'SECURE'. Onio also helped in evolving a transiton strategy that would allow the existing brand equity to be leveraged to the optimium. Onio in this process, carried out a series of corporate ethnographic interviews with stakeholders in the value-chain for this group.

Onio also created the brand identity along with Identity-Manual for uniform application across its offices in India, Europe and Australia.
Hospital Bed Design by Onio is one of the top 10 medical innovtions in India of the year 2009 
India Today, the leading news magazine (Dec 28th issue) has termed the 'Vita' hospital bed designed by Onio, as one of the top 10 break-through innovations in the medical science in India, for the year 2009. Here is the link- ... oughs.html
Mobility 2016 : Manoj Kothari speaks at SIAM Styling and Design Conclave 2010  
How would India move in next 5 years?
Small car, the need today, would still be in demand?
What role will cycle and its derivatives play in the next 5 years?
Retro styling, a trend today, will it give in to some ting new?
Will the 'Indian Styling' ever take shape?

These were some of the questions, articulated by the founder director and principal strategist of Onio, Manoj Kothari, at the Styling and Design Conclave 2010 at New Delhi. This event is organised by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. Manoj's presentation dealt with one of the fastest emerging consumer segment, that has been intriguing most of the consumer companies -Straddlers. Straddlers are the young professional, coming from conservative backgrounds, suddenly thrown into the modern consumption an exposure. They are the subset of 'SEEKERS', a segment which is soon going to explode into 50 mn households by 2015.

Interesting finding of the presentation was the role of Bollywood imagery in the automobile stying for this segment, apart from other key trends.

Other people in the panel (from left)- Mr. Craig Cather (CSM AUTO), Mr. Andreas Wolfsgrubber (Magna Steyr), Mr. Sandeep Karyakarte (Tata Motors) and Mr. Amitoj Singh (IIT DELHI).

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