Innovation and Co-creation at Onio 
Onio deploys several cutting-edge methods to elicit insights for innovation, beyond simple data analysis. Co-creation is one of the ways to engage the stake-holders (including the management, manufacturers, marketeers and most importantly- the users) into the process of problem solving and idea creation.
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The Higher Order Thinking lab- Experience Design by Onio 
MEPL (Mind Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.) is a recently funded start-up, based in Delhi, working in the field of Education Methods. The visionery founders, Sangeeta and Ashutosh Khurana, devised an award winning program using board-games to develop Cognitive, Emotional and Social Thinking Skills amongst school children of Pre-Primary to Grade VIII. This is called The Higher Order Thinking program.

MEPL approached Onio Design Pvt. Ltd. to design a classroom that facilitates the Thinking Skills Enhancement in a structured manner. The ‘brand experience’ design within the classroom, also required several product- innovations
in the props and the furniture. Onio designed and delivered the ready to use class-room systems in several locations across India in a period of two months.

Onio achieved the following:
1. A detailed taskflow of teachers’ and students’
2. Identification of critical props and furniture was done and mobilising supplier network for quick delivery across India
3. Semiotically reinforcing the brand through graphics and products Brand-thinking using graphics and the space design was enhanced by creative engineering and innovative

Some of the highlights of the assignments were-

1. Cohesive Visual Experience- To make sure that more than 50 uniquely designed elements (products as well as
graphics) come together to create a cohesive visual experience.

2. Quick conversion- To respect the stringent and challenging timelines, the process of conceptualization to installation was made extremely fast and 4 installations
at different locations in India was done in a
record time of 1 month!

3. Repeatability- As the labs would be spread at various schools in the country,which will have different geographies and dimensions, our design team made sure that the scheme caters to this variability using a good mix of standardized and customized components.

4. Sturdiness- This was the toughest test for the design and engineering team since the lab and each component had to be used by hundreds of young students (KG to VIII)! All
the components were designed, manufactured and installed, keeping this in mind.
Manoj to speak at Product Design + Innovation Conference, London, 29-30th May 2012 
Crain Communications is organising a two day mega-event dedicated on Product Design and Innovation on 29th and 30th May in London, Excel. Onio's co-founder and Principal Innovation Strategist, Manoj Kothari will be speaking here.

Many luminaries in the global design and innovation arena would be speaking in this power-packed event. Sean Carney, chief design officer and senior vice president at Royal Philips Electronics; Benoit Jacob, head of design at BMWi; Frank Stephenson, Design Director McLaren Automotive; Alessandro Finetto, senior director, global consumer design, Sung Han Kim, head of design, Samsung Europe; Whirlpool EMEA & Asia and Christian Buetner, industrial design manager at Bosch are amongst the other invited speakers in the event.

The event focuses on manufacturing, universal design, emerging trends and methodologies related to design and innovation.

Manoj is the only speaker from India, who along with Cathy-Huang (President of China Bridge) will speak on building value through local insights in product development process. Manoj will illustrate his point from the recent case-studies of Onio's work, which were meant to bring disruptive innovation for Indian market, but now they have a become a global product case study.
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Manoj delivers a keynote speech at Godrej: MEGA workshop 

Godrej invited Manoj to deliver a keynote speech during the MEGA series of workshop being conducted across the group. These workshops are aimed at raising the design competitiveness of the company by sensitizing the key empployees towards User Focused Innovation,Brand-led-Design and Empathic Innovation techniques.

Godrej is one of the leading Indian business house with presence in several countries across several domains ranging from soaps to rockets.
Finnish Business Delegation at Onio  

A business delegation comprising of heads and business leads of the Finnish companies, ranging from beverages to clean-energy-tech, visited Onio on Oct 18th, 2011.

This visit was organised by Finpro and co-ordinated by Chennai office. Onio's founder director, Manoj Kothari welcomed the guests and delivered a short presentation on cultural nuances of conducting business in India. Group also discussed positioning and messaging issues in brands while dealing with Indian market. An interesting question came-up during the discussion that ensued was, how can Onio's consumer segmentation, come handy in handling HR issues better, by the foreign companies.


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