Manoj delivers a keynote speech at Godrej: MEGA workshop 

Godrej invited Manoj to deliver a keynote speech during the MEGA series of workshop being conducted across the group. These workshops are aimed at raising the design competitiveness of the company by sensitizing the key empployees towards User Focused Innovation,Brand-led-Design and Empathic Innovation techniques.

Godrej is one of the leading Indian business house with presence in several countries across several domains ranging from soaps to rockets.
Finnish Business Delegation at Onio  

A business delegation comprising of heads and business leads of the Finnish companies, ranging from beverages to clean-energy-tech, visited Onio on Oct 18th, 2011.

This visit was organised by Finpro and co-ordinated by Chennai office. Onio's founder director, Manoj Kothari welcomed the guests and delivered a short presentation on cultural nuances of conducting business in India. Group also discussed positioning and messaging issues in brands while dealing with Indian market. An interesting question came-up during the discussion that ensued was, how can Onio's consumer segmentation, come handy in handling HR issues better, by the foreign companies.

Onio hosts Reflection Meet with Prof. Sudhakar Nadkarni and Mr. Alok Mukherjee 
In an endeavour to constantly improve the innovation edge in our client delivery, Onio organised this Quarterly Reflection and Review Meeting at Hotel Sayaji, Pune on 12th of Nov 2011. This time our special guest of honour and jury were two stalwarts-Renowned Prof. Sudhakar Nadkarni who has been the pioneer of design education in India, since the time it was conceptualised by Pandit Nehru and Mr. Alok Mukherjee,leading Scientist and Expert on Robotic warfare with defence labs (DRDO)of India. Onio has been working with DRDO and Mr. Mukherjee since last seven years and Onio is proud to have made contributions to nation's progress, thanks to determined and talented team of scientists we came across.

One of pearls of wisdom by Prof Nadkarni -"For every project, please try to create one concept that is 'trend-setting'; if not for the client, let it be an internal achievement".
Manoj speaking at TEDx IIT Kanpur on Indian Renaissance
TEDx at NID Bangalore, 31st October 2011 

Here is the complete video of Manoj's presentation at TEDx NID Bangalore, discussing the three essential design attributes for India-

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