Onio is a innovation & Design Consulting Company based in india. Onio helps you create winning products, brands and experiences.
  Onio works through two core divisions Turian Labs for Research & Concepting + OnioMax for Product Development & Engineering.
Design drives the Product Brand
Onio helps makers of Amaron batteries to create Tribal-Italia home-inverter, a new category appliance.
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Cocreation | Platform Design
Onio works with Indian & Indonesian Bottom-of-Pyramid consumers to create product platform.
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  Who are they?

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Concept to complete installation of child-friendly THOT LABS in premier schools around India..
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DT2015 - Turian Labs
Design Thinking for Better Customer Experience - An immersive workshop
Dec 11, 2015, Hilton, Bangalore
Create right solutions for the customer who does not seem to say much! How?
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Productisation- Product Development for Market Readiness
End-to-end Product Developement
At Onio story does not end with pretty pitcures alone. We go all the way to engineer the ideas into reality.
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branding at onio

How to build a great brand?
Onio has worked on complex Brand Research & Brand Design assignments. Here is a small sharable knowledge.
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  Manoj's Blog on Innovation & Insights
  Blog of Manoj Kothari our co-founder and an acknowledged thought leader on innovation and design for India. Few recent entries -

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2 Future of Design/Designers 2/2

3 The ?augmented? reality of a legend

  Onio's Official Blog
  Onio's official blog with updates on events, people and thoughts.

1 2011, A PERSONAL REVIEW - Wed, 28 Dec 2011

2 TEDx ? NID Bangalore - Wed, 23 Nov 2011


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