"We are an engineering company that works across many markets worldwide with a B2B focus.

We called Onio on board when we decided to think about consolidating our brand across geographies.

Since we had worked with them year after year, that shows what we felt about their ability to take on something that was a very important part of our business strategy.

- Nandita Singhal
Secure Meters Ltd.


We recognise that no two innovation projects are similar - they can only have similarities but the ultimate goals can vastly differ in dynamic business circumstances. Clients can choose from the following engagement models:

Based on client requirements, timelines and manpower requirements, Onio charges a fixed fee for the value it delivers. Good for short to mid-term innovation projects.

Ideal for those who require consistent innovation support. Recommended for mid to long-term projects where continued guidance and design support is critical to ensure project success.

This evolved model is one where both – the client and Onio jointly share the risks and the rewards of the project.

Certain project demands are entirely unique. These projects may not be amenable to the usual engagement models. Onio creates customised engagement models to ensure complete project success.

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