Careers at Onio

If you merely dream about the future, it’s only a dream. If you start designing it, it’s the dawn of a new reality. At Onio, we design the future. We seek people who truly believe in using ‘design thinking’ to impact brands, business and communities. Though design-driven, we believe in blending diverse skills and knowledge to build a team that delivers large-scale impact on innovation projects.

Life at Onio

Onio is not a ‘typical creative’ place. This is not a place to find nerds and weirdos, doing arm chair thinking and smoking away to glory. Onio is about serious innovation in the social and business realm. A ‘systems thinking’approach that may sometimes even lead to a strategy of NO INNOVATION is not unthinkable at Onio. Thinking context first and product later, thinking method first and results later and thinking people first and projects later, is a way of life at Onio.

At Onio, you come face-to-face with a vault of opportunities. We work on projects across many verticals and have clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 clientele. Based on your inclination and strengths you get to work on a range of projects from product design to design research to innovation strategy consulting.

Work Culture

We believe in the brightness of a galaxy than that of individual stars which is why we value team players. Our work entails working on collaborative projects. We have an open and transparent communication system within and outside of the organisation. As opposed to conventional firms, we appreciate an eclectic mix of knowledge and people from a wide range of backgrounds work together at Onio. Our organisational structure is flat and we believe in easy accessibility to principals and directors. Integrity, honesty and a strong work ethic is what you experience at Onio because we believe work is a reality and beauty is the grand aim.

What Onio promises –

  1. World class work with global clientele
  2. Clean, hygienic, accessible, well-lit and airy workplace
  3. Colleagues from premier institutes from India & Europe
  4. Transparent and inclusive work culture
  5. Opportunity to learn and push the frontiers of design thinking
  6. Chance to get engaged in high profile projects early in your career
  7. Possibility to learn design management along with design practice
  8. Practise real innovation and not just bookish case-studies
  9. Be a part of spotlight. Media constantly follows what India’s leading design company does

What not to expect at Onio

  1. Plush office with plush interiors in a plush locality
  2. Several smoking breaks apart from tea and lunch time
  3. ‘Creative disregard’ for basic professional decorum
  4. Putting creativity ahead of commitment
  5. Timeliness at the cost of quality
  6. Expecting fair treatment to unethical conduct
  7. Playing safe and staying in comfort zones
  8. Creating political layers

What Onio really likes

  • Little more care about ordinary things, especially under the pressure
  • Awareness and empathy of what’s happening around
  • Expertise and versatility
  • Ability to have a different point of view, driven from individual insights and convictions
  • Ability to adhere to and add to Onio’s core values

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